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Cooperative over-order premium line item

Based on a petition from Representative John Lawrence, the Board has developed a regulation requiring cooperatives to provide a line item on monthly statements to their members disclosing the amount of over-order premium being paid.  That regulation is in the final form submission stage of the regulatory review process.  The final form regulation and related documents submitted for review by the Legislative Agriculture and Rural Affairs Committees and the Independent Regulatory Review Commission is linked below.

Final Form Packet 47-20

We will update this page as the proposed regulation moves through the regulatory review process. 

Update March 2, 2021:  The final form packet was delivered via email to the House and Senate Agriculture and Rural Affairs Committees, then to the Independent Regulatory Review Commission ("IRRC").  The final form packet was also sent via email to parties who participated in the development of the regulation.

The regulation is scheduled to be considered at IRRC's April 15, 2021, public meeting.  The IRRC meeting agenda is on IRRC's website at IRRC April 15 meeting agenda.

Questions regarding the IRRC meeting should be directed to IRRC at or (717) 783-5417.


Avoidance Claim Settlement Offers from ASK LLP
Information for dairy farmers and milk haulers who received avoidance claim settlement offers from ASK LLP.
If you're a dairy farmer or milk hauler who received an avoidance claim settlement offer from ASK LLP, please read the 'Avoidance Claim Declarations Explanation' below, download the appropriate declaration (Farmer or Hauler), fill in the blanks in the Declaration, and return it to ASK LLP.

Avoidance Claim Declarations Explanation.pdf
Farmer Declaration.pdf
Hauler Declaration.pdf


COVID-19 Feedback Form - PA Dairy Processors

COVID-19_Impact-at-the-Dairy-Case_Webinar_4-1-20-1 (1)

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