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Amendment to PA Code ch. 150; milk marketing fees
Amendment to 7 PA Code Chap 143
Advertising Below Minimum Prices
Area 3 Cost Replacement Hearing
Area 1 Cost Replacement Hearing
Area 4 Cost Replacement Hearing
Area 2 Cost Replacement Hearing
Area 6 Cost Replacement Hearing
In-Store Handling Costs
Over Order Premium Hearing
Area 5 Cost Replacement Hearing
Retail Pricing - Promotions and Coupons
Hearing Notice
Cooperative Milk Procurement Costs
Over Order Premium
Amendment to 7 PA Code Chapter 143
May 16, 2018 Session
Hearing Notice - Pennsylvania Dairy Market Issues
Financial Statement Due Date Change
Classification and Marketing of Milk Purchased from Producers
Uniform System of Accounts
Raw Milk Sample Quantity
Email Prices
Information Requests
A-956 Correction
Refrigeration Lease Rounding
Bidding & Billing Commonwealth Institutions using SAP Programs
Container Cost Adjustment
Filing Date Change
Replacement of Competitor Products
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