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Official General Orders - Commonwealth-wide


OGO A-989 Over Price Premium Part 1 January 2015

OGO A-987 Small Delivery Cost Adjustments October 2014

OGO A-985 Area Discounts June 2014

OGO A-980 Flavored Nonfat Milk July 2012

OGO A-978 Timing and Manner of Price Announcements June 2012

OGO A-975 Service Contracts March 2012

OGO A-972 Price Adjustment to Milk Price Discounts   October 2011

OGO A-946 Timing and Manner of Price Announcements   November 2007

OGO A-942 Class II Fixed Add-ons   February 2007

OGO A-937 Heating Fuel Add-Ons & Ingredient Costs  June 2006

OGO A-925 Over Price Premium within Minimum Prices   March 2004

OGO A-903A Producer Pricing   September 1999

OGO A-899  School Discounts   June 1998

OGO A-893 Over Order Premium Base Order   November 1996


A-973 2012 Price Announcements   November 2011

A-965 Butterfat Ranges & Product Description   September 2009

A-958 Temp Adj to Resale Prices   December 2008

A-957 Container Costs   December 2008

A-955 Flavored 0.5% Milkfat Milk  September 2008

A-952 Shrinkage   June 2008

A-949 Containers   January 2008

A-948 Resale Price Adjustments due to Percentage Discounts  December 2007

A-945 Licensee to Licensee Discounts on School Milk Sales  October 2007

A-939 Diesel Fuel Add-ons & Eight-Ounce Plastic Containers   September 2006

A-936 Paper Containers and Plastic Milk Cases   February 2006

A-927 Diesel Fuel   July 2004

A-913 Amended Over Price Premium  July 2002

A-913 Over Price Premium   July 2001

A-908 Diesel Fuel Costs - Wholesale Prices and Over-Order Premium  April 2000

A-902 Adjusted Butterfat Ranges   August 1999

A-896 Class I Differentials - Areas 1-5  February 1998

A-875 Service Contracts   March 1993

A-873 Class II and Class III Milk  December 1992