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November - December 2018 Newsletter                                                                                            Current Newsletters

  • From the Chairman, Robert N. Barley
  • Editorial - The Milk Marketing Board is committed to helping with current industry needs
  • Calendar of Events
  • Highlights of Butler and Troy Listening Sessions
  • PA Dairy Investment Program
  • The Difference Between Cow's Milk and Plant-Based Alternatives
  • Marketing Locally Produced Farm Products
  • Who We Serve: PMMB Constituent Sampler
  • Penn State Extension: Spotted Lanternfly Management
  • Dairy Processors and Farmers Can Apply for RACP Funds
  • PMMB Dairy Advocacy
  • RECIPE CORNER - Thanksgiving Mac
  • General Safety Tips for Cheese
  • Test Your Milk Knowledge!
  • Great American Milk Drive
  • A Mom Writes on the Importance of Dairy Product Nutrition for Her Family
  • U.S. Dairy Exports up 10 Percent in the 3rd Quarter

September - October 2018 Newsletter

  • From the Chairman, Robert N. Barley
  • Editorial - It's going to take more than a few meetings or one-sided discussions to solve the current dairy crisis
  • Calendar of Events
  • PMMB Board to Act on Over Order Premium
  • Dairy's Economic Impact on the Commonwealth
  • How Milk is Priced In Pennsylvania
  • Who We Serve: PMMB Constituent Sampler
  • PMMB Dairy Advocacy
  • Milk Does a Body Good!
  • RECIPE CORNER - Panna Cotta
  • Test Your Dairy Knowledge!