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March 2, 2022
  Room 309 Agriculture Building
   To listen to the hearing:
    Dial-in: 267-332-8737  Conference ID: 602 954 62
Bulletin 1606
Interested parties list
Grange Espenshade testimony
Tim Wood testimony outline
PDA Hostetter testimony
PAMD statement
PFB Painter surrebuttal testimony
Tewksbury surrebuttal testimony
PAMD Witness List
PADC Cooper surrebuttal testimony
PAMD Motion to Strike Testimony
Order - responses to PAMD motion
PDA Response to PAMD motion
PFB response to PAMD motion
PFMA response to PAMD motion
PADC Response to PAMD motion
Board Staff response to PAMD motion
Order - PAMD motion to strike and exclude testimony
Order - Late transcript and briefing schedule

September 1, 2021, 10:00 am
  Room 309 Agriculture Building
            Via teleconference
Dial in:  267-332-8737  Conference ID: 204 700 193
Bulletin 1595
Interested parties list
PFB Brubaker Testimony    PFB Brubaker Exhibits
Graybill Testimony
Grange Testimony
PAMD Statement
PADC Statement

March 3, 2021, 10:00 am by Skype
Dial in 267-332-8737    Conference ID 143 213 350
Bulletin 1590
PADC Stocks Testimony    PADC Stocks Exhibits
PADC Schad Testimony    PADC Schad Exhibits
PFB Brubaker Testimony    PFB Brubaker Exhibits
PFB Graybill Testimony
Progressive Agriculture Tewksbury Testimony
PAMD Statement

September 2, 2020, 10:00 am by Skype
Bulletin 1578 
Stocks Testimony    Stocks Exhibits
Rife Testimony    Rife Exhibits
Tewksbury Testimony    Tewksbury Exhibit 
PAMD correspondence
Graybill testimony

Brubaker testimony and exhibits

March 4, 2020 
Bulletin 1569     
PADC Initial Testimony   PADC Initial Exhibits 
PAMD Submission     PA Grange Testimony     Graybill Testimony
Tewksbury Testimony     Volinskie Testimony   

September 4, 2019
Bulletin 1562     Dean Ellinwood Testimony
Letter from the Pennsylvania Milk Dealers   
PFB Request to Extend Rebuttal Deadline
Presubmission Deadline Change     PFB Volinskie Testimony
PFB Stoltzfus Testimony     Time Change     
Arden Tewksbury Testimony     PA Grange Testimony
PFB Request for Telephone Testimony
Request for Presentation of Testimony by Pennsylvania Farm Bureau Witness via Teleconference
Order for PFB Request for Telephone Testimony

March 8, 2019
Bulletin 1550    Reschedule Notice    Over Order Premium Rebuttal Extension
Arden Tewksbury Testimony     PA Dairy Cooperatives Exhibits
Ellinwood Testimony     Hollon Testimony     Hollon Charts     Crop Production
Crops     PA Grange Testimony     Blaufuss Testimony     Volinskie Testimony
Stoltzfus Testimony