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October 9, 2019: Cooperative Milk Procurement Costs Obligation and Implementation
Obligation and Implementation Presubmission
PADC 27 Cooper Testimony      PADC 28 Implementation Chart
PADC Request for September October Hearing
PAMD Response to PADC Hearing Date Request
Procurement Costs - Implementation Hearing Schedule Requests
Procurement Costs - October 2019 Hearing
PAMD Request for Extension of Time
Hearing Presubmission Date Change
PAMD Request to Postpone Hearing and Hold Conference
PAMD PADC Joint Request Extension of Time
PADC Motion to Strike Certain Staff Rebuttal Testimony
Order Responses to PADC Motion to Strike Staff Rebuttal Testimony
Order - Presubmission Change PAMD PADC Joint Request
PAMD PADC Joint Request Extension of Time
Board Staff Coop Hearing Redacted Rebuttal Testimony
Board Staff Amended Response to Motion - Aug 30 2019
PAMD Response to PADC Motion
PAMD PADC Letter to Board re: Possible Settlement
Order Procurement Costs - PAMD PADC Joint Request to Continue Proceedings
PADC PAMD Joint Motion to Extend Deadline to October 8, 2019
Board Staff Response to September 18 Joint Motion; PADC Surresponse
Order - Procurement Costs - PAMD PADC Joint Request Oct 8 Deadline
PAMD and PADC Joint Request to Extend October 8, 2019 Deadline
Board Staff Response to October 8 Joint Request
Order - Procurement Costs - PAMD PADC Joint Request Oct 22 Deadline
Agreement in Furtherance of Interim Compromise
Coop Procurement Hearing     Proposed Interim Order
Attachment      1 Attachment 2      Attachment 3
Board Staff Letter Brief
PADC - PAMD Interim Procurement Compromise - Joint Letter Brief - Final

May 23, 2019: Amendment to 7 Pa. Code Chapter 150; milk marketing fees
Bulletin 1559     Proposed Chapter 150 Amendments
Anticipated Effective Dates     7 Pa Code ch 150 - reschedule
Budget Presentation Spreadsheet     Testimony - Tim Moyer
Letter to PMMB RE: Amendment to 7 PA Code Ch. 150

May 1, 2019: Amendment to 7 Pa Code ch. 143; over-order premium line item on cooperative pay statements
Bulletin 1558     Petition from Representative Lawrence
143.15 Annex A Draft 1     Memo to Potentially interested Parties
Prepared Testimony - Bell     Prepared Testimony - Ellinwood
Prepared Testimony - Howes     Prepared Testimony - Tewksbury
Prepared Testimony - Representative Lawrence